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Hull Cleaning


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Underwater Anode Replacement

The hull of a boat left in water over time accumulates all kinds of algae, marine life, and other organisms that attach to the bottom of the boat. This growth increases the fuel consumption of the vessel, by causing frictional resistance and increasing the weight of the vessel significantly which causes strain on the engines. Fuel economy is undoubtedly one of the major reasons for hull upkeep; a lightly coated hull of a boat could increase its fuel costs by up to 15-20%.  A smooth clean hull is essential to assuring optimal performance of the boat and maximum fuel economy. No wonder the demand for hull cleaning is high among boat owners, they’d much rather be able to cruise along listening to their boat stereo in peace instead of going slow and wasting fuel.

Algae pave the way for adherence of other organisms. The general term for organism on a boat hull is fouling. Fouling makes boats drag, use more fuel and harder to maneuver. Invasive organisms spread by hitching a ride on the underside of a boat.